twilight zone is a work which relates to my experience of mapping the urban environment from the eighth floor of a high-rise building in Tokyo. For eighteen months, three times a week, I would spend time watching and drawing, seeing the light change from late afternoon twilight to evening. I would track the changes as the light became soft and the shadows lengthened and the sky would appear to come closer to the rooftops. As people returned to their homes after work, the neighborhood would expand and contract, accommodating a different rhythm and movement. The physical aspects of the landscape would blur in this twilight zone as the edges of the architecture would flatten into different patterns, marking the traces of once inhabited spaces and altering the connections between streets and structures.

twilight zone is part of my ongoing loomwork project which are a series of works that investigate the construction of weaving while revealing the support to create works that exist between weavings, paintings and drawings.


twilight zone 2019



twilight zone detail dark



twilight zone detail pale

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