shadowforms are a series of works which relate to ongoing investigations into the process of mapping and attempting to connect disparate data to create multi-layered site-specific artworks that provoke a new reading and experience. The project began in 2003 and the works have been created in steel, which has been powder coated and hand-bound in thread along the arcs of the circles. I was commissioned by architectural firm Bates Smart to create 18 unique works, which are installed in Studio suites in the Promenade Hotel in Melbourne.

In 2019 I was commissioned to create an installation for Saint Francis Place in Fitzroy, Melbourne and have created new shadowforms which can be seen from January 2020. These works have been installed on mirror, and interact with the architecture of the space and the urban environment of the neighbourhood from the street. This installation will evolve over 6 weeks, with 3 different iterations and can be experienced 24/ 7.















































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