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screenwork relates to wireworks, a project I began in 1999 and recent projects that have mapped specific sites. wireworks investigated the geometry of the grid and the technique of hand weaving. In weaving the warp constantly disappears as the weft covers it, and the grid that is created is concealed, as the structure is built.

This process of concealment and subtle disclosure while creating a new form where the subject and object of the work is so closely related continues to fascinate me. In more recent projects I have mapped particular sites researching data, use, history and geographical details of the landscape to uncover hidden relationships and make responses in my works.

screenwork is a new hybrid work combining my investigations into the grid and weaving with a larger structure of an imagined urban map. This work could be seen as a prototype for a future large public sculpture.



screenwork maquette 2018- 2020

lasercut wood, acrylic paint, nylon cord

38 x 30 cm






















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