ll & lll

Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne

20.03 - 17.06.2018


Dana Harris’s meticulously hand crafted artworks are made in response to specific locations. In ll & lll Harris has worked with the architecture of Heide, developing an installation that is site specific and site sensitive- it draws upon the experimental aspects of the space, light and geometry of the Heide ll and Heide lll buildings. Using various traditional textile techniques Harris innovatively constructs works that are akin to three-dimensional drawings. Audiences will experience Dana’s work as a reconfiguration of the architectural space, which has differing heights and planes, through a fine skein of glowing lines stretched across the upper walls and ceiling. These string-lines relate to the use of vanishing points in architectural drawings and invite the viewer to experience both a literal reading and an abstract interpretation of the Heide spaces. The installation is located in the ramp near the Central Galleries entrance.   











































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