In this series - which are – simply, floor plans of homes I have lived in, there was a long journey in thoughts prior to constructing the works. Perhaps the genesis of these thoughts came from my partner and I collaborating with an architect to design living quarters in our warehouse. I was thinking about spaces, their uses and how we live in them and their importance in their specific relationships. As well as researching other architects finished works, I thought a lot about other houses and apartments I had lived in -in Australia, New Zealand and Japan. I was now in number 17 and for the first time in years, I dreamt about these spaces and the life I had led whilst living in these places. I have kept very few photographs – some places I have none at all, so memories came flooding in – of rooms, of the people I lived with and of times I spent in these homes. Some places were relatively small in memory, others dramatically enormous. In other dreams some rooms would enlarge, others contract. I had a number of pieces of knitting that when I placed them alongside each other reminded me of the plans we had been sketching of rooms and so the idea came to me to construct floor plans. Each room is knitted using wool, cotton or silk thread and then individually sewn together. The process is very organic – the overall scale of the perimeter is seen only once all the rooms are sewn together. I have had to re-knit different rooms to adjust to the overall scale and it is particularly at these times that I become newly aware I am building space and not just knitting.













garret by Dana Harris

garret  2008

garret (detail) by Dana Harris

garret (detail)  2008

forsyth by Dana Harris

forsyth  2008

forsyth (detail) by Dana Harris

forsyth (detail)  2008

gregory by Dana Harris

gregory  2008

gregory (detail) by Dana Harris

gregory (detail)  2008

cuzco by Dana Harris

cuzco  2008

cuzco (detail) by Dana Harris

cuzco (detail)  2008

Ayr by Dana Harris

Ayr  2008

Ayr (detail) by Dana Harris

Ayr (detail)  2008

new north by Dana Harris

new north  2008

new north (detail) by Dana Harris

new north (detail)  2008

rowland by Dana Harris

rowland  2008

rowland (detail) by Dana Harris

rowland (detail)  2008

carlton gore by Dana Harris

carlton gore  2008

carlton gore (detail) by Dana Harris

carlton gore (detail)  2008

sandringham by Dana Harris

sandringham  2008

sandringham (detail) by Dana Harris

sandringham (detail)  2008

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