foundation: a proposed intervention

Bus Projects at Donkey Wheel House, Melbourne

21st June - 9th July 2011



foundation 2011 -12

transparent paper, black ink, mirrors

150 x 210 cm 




This project was an intervention and installation which was exhibited at Bus Projects at Donkey Wheel House (dwh) in Melbourne. Donkey Wheel House was built in 1891, and originally housed the Melbourne Tramway and Omnibus Company. I was interested in investigating the history left from its previous life. The work I created comprised of 35 drawings on tracing paper of all the marks on the gallery floor. These sheets were then placed on squares of glass mirrors. The mirrors reflected the original ceiling and walls of the space. I wanted to examine precise properties of the space that were specific but overlooked in an effort to accurately define the space. The tracings were meticulous evidence, they had the appearance of a topographic map and as much as they were particular, they relied on the belief that the traced drawing was of the actual floor beneath the mirrors. The intervention was produced during the exhibition, provoking the space to alter and adjust to the ongoing simultaneous reveal and concealment of forgotten traces of the space.











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