d- 1531 is a dynamic site-specific textile wall drawing which was commissioned for the new Deloitte office in Melbourne. 

The hand knitted form relates to the map of the floorplan of Level 31- it expresses the corridors and areas of navigation that link the meeting rooms within the site. These areas define places of movement within the site, they are crucial to its use, and are often felt as subtle and peripheral to the experience of working within the space. The abstracted form expresses their importance within the architectural relationships of the site and inspires viewers to map their own use of these transitional spaces.

d- 1531 has a clue like a coordinate used in a map (position 15, level 31) and the d could be deloitte and also my initial. The letter is a nod to the great Modernist architect Eileen Gray who I admire. Her first architectural project E1027 is highly regarded as one of the great buildings of the Modernist period.

I admire her designs and sensibility. She was incredibly talented, private, underestimated, determined and remarkable.



d- 1531, 2020

hand knitted nylon cord, pins

273 x 450 cm





































































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