Art This Way: Visual Art Weekend


15th - 17th August 2014


commute 2014

cotton thread

dimensions variable





commute, from an ongoing series: my landscape project, was installed in the window at the flagship Akira Isogawa fashion store in Gertrude Street, Fitzroy as part of Yarra Councils creative initiative ‘Art this Way’ in 2014. This public artwork is a hand-knitted installation mapping the two tram routes between my home and Akira, where I was employed part time. It tracked my regular trip through the urban environment from Brunswick to Fitzroy, each street hand knitted, each tram stop marked by a strand of cotton yarn that was pulled taut and spanned into the space of the window, transforming two dimensions into three dimension. Interested in analyzing progress and movement in an effort to survey both repetition and macro and micro dimensions within a public art framework, the work was spotlit at night with access 24 hrs daily. 






























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