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This work aftermap is part of my ongoing investigation into mapping particular sites and data, analyzing relationships while drawing attention to ways of construction.

In the layers of information contained in maps there is an understanding of relative meanings and reduction of scale and there is always excess information that is not included. There is a hierarchy of data, and I am interested in analyzing this as imaginary space, in an attempt to map a response to it.

I have dissected and reconfigured sightlines and brushstrokes not as two dimensional planes, but as three dimensional objects with their own volume and weight. In aftermap I am playing with the structure of painting by exposing the process. It is simultaneously both deconstruction and construction, while considering surplus data. This work reveals and conceals the subtle boundaries between painting and drawing, revealing a complex map of material, time and form.


          aftermap, 2019 triptych

          acrylic paint, cotton and polyester thread on cotton canvas

          40 x 50 cm each canvas

           aftermap, #2/, 2019

           acrylic paint, cotton and polyester thread on cotton canvas

           40 x 50 cm 

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